DDH Services

  • Cost Planning

    From Master Plan to Project Completion, in accordance with our Methodology we will estimate & forecast total end cost, monitor & report.

  • Value Management

    Through our Costing Knowledge we can identify scope & cost implications that can impact on the project, so as to increase value, but not increase the budget.

  • Construction Cost Management

    During the progress of the works we will provide on site valuations of work completed to ensure that the builder is not overpaid. We will provide cost checking of variation claims to ensure that only fair & reasonable prices are charged.

  • Quantity Surveying

    Our services include pre tender quantity preparation based on coordinated set of documents.

  • Financial Risk Management for Lending

    Our aim is to evaluate the cost of a proposed development so as to arrive at a realistic figure in order to enable a satisfactory completion within budget. We then endeavour to ensure that Bank & Lending Authorities funds are disbursed so as not to exceed the value of work completed, & that sufficient funds are held to complete the project by its’ current developer.

  • Building Replacement Cost Valuations for Insurance Purposes

    Ensure your building cost is correctly valued for Replacement Cost Insurance, & not an extract from a property valuation used for market value purposes.

    Building replacement costs are higher than original due to inflation, & others items such as demolition & clearance of debris. These are all included in the Building Replacement Cost Report that we supply.

  • Due Diligence

    We can inspect your current building, or potential property purchase, & report on building condition, compliance issues, & costs, to enable decisions in relation to your current plans.